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Festival d'Art Contemporain, Izmir Turquie

Musée de la musique d’IKSEV


Christian Boltanski

"Entre temps"

Christian Boltanski
Christian BoltanskiChristian BoltanskiChristian Boltanski

The text on the work "Entre temps" is taken from the catalogue Christian Boltanski. Time; published on the occasion of the exhibition at Institut Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt, Germany. 12 November 2006– 11 Feburary 2007. Text by Carola Kemme, p.139.


“The video installation Entre temps shows a series of photographic portraits of Christian Boltanski, taken between the ages of six and fifty-seven. Blown up to enormous size, they are projected on a screen hanging in the middle of the room, each one dissolving filmically into the next. The gradual transformation of the face from child to young adult to aging man is fluid and continuous. The audience has the sense that they are watching the artist age. Because the outlines of the face and the facial features constantly overlap and only change in minimal ways, one has the simultaneous impressions of stillness and motion. This paradoxical effect is heightened by the
fans standing off to the side, which induce a gentle movement in the projection screen. Although time passes, it nonetheless seems to stand still.”